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Exclusive access to experienced tutor around the country from your home. It has been proven that online tutoring is equally effective as face-to-face sessions, with greater flexibility on both sides.

Less contact is always a safer choice. Record the class at your own will for own use. 


Home Tuition Package

Get matched with a local experienced home tutor from the comfort of your home in 24 hours.

With GoLearn premium support, we guarantee our parents are satisfied with our services and kids get their private tutoring immediately. Fully customizable lessons that suit your kids.

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Step 1/5: Introduction

About the student

This is helpful for us to find you a tutor who shows a good track record of teaching the students from the same school in the past.

What subject(s) that you are looking for?

Please input education level, current grade and subject(s) information. For example, IGCSE Year 11 Maths, Std 6 Science, SPM Biology

Pricing & Tutoring FAQ

Once you’ve requested, our crew will contact you in 24 hours to further verify the details.
Then we will find you a few suitable home tutor or online private tutor that suit your child’s needs. All you need to do is prepare for the trial class.

Once you have confirmed a suitable tutor, we’ll we can start preparing for your first lesson!

We treats the credibility of our tutor profiles very seriously. All suspicious tutor applications or profiles with missing information are immediately investigated and blacklisted. For tutees who wish to personally verify their tutor’s qualifications and identity, you may request that the tutor bring their relevant certificates on the 1st lesson. (We do not to send online documents to protect the privacy of our tutor). 

You can choose to pay the tuition fees to your tutor directly or pay to GoLearn every month.

In the case you pay to GoLearn, we will send an invoice of summary of the hours of lesson committed and the total fee to parents/students. Do keep the transaction proof. If you have any concern regarding payment, we’re here to guide you.
Usually, the fee is collected before the 4th week of a month. You pay your tuition fee through any of our official channels. 

Do take note that our services are completely free for you  and we are here to help you with the tuition fees payment process. You are aware that paying your tuition fees on time is important to your tutor so they can continuously provide the best education. There are no additional / hidden fees you need to pay to GoLearn.

Example: Mrs Alice hires tutor Jane for RM50/hour, 1.5 hour per lesson at 1 lesson per week. After attending two lessons, Mrs Alice transfers RM300 to tutor Jane, assuming there are four weeks in that month. The arrangement made between Mrs Alice and tutor Jane is to pay every 2nd week of a month via bank transfer.

You do not have to make advance payments of any kind. All payments are made only after the requisite lessons have been conducted.

Note: In the case you choose the payment to be done through GoLearn, we would collect the tuition fee early so we can prepare the payment to the tutor on time. If some lessons are canceled, the extra fee will be refunded to you in full.

Only if you are requesting additional trial classes before confirming to continue with a tutor, we will collect the trial class tuition fee in advance, where we will transfer back to the tutor after the trial class is completed.

If you face further difficulties with your tutor in this area, please feedback to us immediately. If you already confirmed to continue with a tutor, the minimum commitment is 1 month / 4 lessons  after attending his/her trial class and must pay for all lessons conducted.
Parents should inform GoLearn 1 weeks earlier for any request to change tutor. This is important for us to find you a replacement and to inform the current tutor for any changes. 

Parents/Students should give GoLearn and your tutor a 2 weeks notice prior to the termination date, so we are aware of the situation. Parents/Students are required to clear up any outstanding fees before the class ends.

YES. GoLearn will issue you a full refund based on the number of classes canceled.

For last minute cancelation, we will arrange a replacement for you in a later date.

Yes, you can do so as you wish. GoLearn is not responsible for any engagements made outside of the agency’s knowledge. Hence, tutors and tutees are expected to inform us of any added lessons or changes to the lessons schedule/subjects/tutees.

We encourage you to make your request through the agency in order to stay protected and keep the tutor accountable to the agency.

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