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Requesting A Tutor

STEP 1: Send A Tutor Request
Tell us your expectations and requirements. Discuss the schedules, lessons, and payment details. It took less than 2 minutes of your time to complete!

STEP 2: Choose Your Tutor
Our crew will contact you in less than 12 hours. Choose from our hand-picked experienced tutors. Face-to-face or virtual meet-up to get to know more about your tutor.

STEP 3: Start Learning
Once you are okay with your tutor, we are good to go!😉

Once you’ve requested, our crew will contact you to further verify your requirements.

All you need to do is prepare for the first lesson!

After making a request via Step 1 listed in previously, GoLearn crew will will determine the  best available tutors based on your stated preferences and will send you recommendations via WhatsApp (preferred), Telegram or Email.

You can then ask any questions, request to speak with the tutor via conference call, ask for a an hour paid trial class, ask for another recommendation or simply confirm the tutor. If you are uncomfortable with any details regarding the newly assigned tutor, you can always request for a different tutor. Your Personal Coordinator will ensure that both parties agree on the lesson details and pricing before confirming the lessons.

Once you have confirmed a suitable tutor, we’ll send you the lesson details via your preferred channel and you can start preparing for your first lesson!

We treat the credibility of our tutor profiles very seriously. All suspicious tutor applications or profiles with missing information are immediately investigated and blacklisted.

If you wish to personally verify their tutor’s qualifications and identity, you may request that the tutor bring their relevant certificates on the 1st lesson. (We do not to send online documents to protect the privacy of our tutor).

To get expert recommendation, send us a free request today!

Tuition Rates

Tuition fees for Nursery, Primary, Secondary, SPM, IGCSE, A-Level, IB, UEC, Ausmat depend on your budget, subjects you requested, the tutor’s qualifications & experiences, and the city you currently live in.

Check out the latest recommended tutoring rate here.

We will issue official invoice and you pays the tuition fees to us directly every month. Usually, the fee is collected before the end of a month.

Do take note that our services are completely FREE for you. You are aware that paying your tuition fees on time is important to your tutor so they can continuously provide the best education. There are no additional / hidden fees you need to pay to GoLearn.

Example: Mrs Alice from Petalling Jaya hires tutor Jane from GoLearn for RM60/hour, 1.5 hour per lesson at 1 lesson per week. After attending 4 lessons, Mrs Alice transfers RM360 (RM60 * 1.5hr/lesson * 4 weeks) to GoLearn, assuming there are four weeks in that month. The arrangement made between Mrs Alice, GoLearn and tutor Jane is to pay every 4th week of a month via bank transfer.

Get you free tuition fee quotation now!

You do not have to make advance payments of any kind. All payments are made only after the requisite lessons have been conducted.

Note:  GoLearn would collect the tuition fee early so we can prepare the payment to the tutor on time. If some lessons are canceled, the extra fee will be refunded to you in full.

Only if you are requesting additional trial classes before confirming to continue with a tutor, we will collect the trial class tuition fee in advance, where we will transfer back to the tutor after the trial class is completed.

Noooo. Our services are COMPLETELY FREE for parents and students. You are required to pay only for the  lesson conducted.

There are no contracts and obligations until you agree to continue with our tutors.

There are guidelines to follow to ensure that both the student and tutor can have a smooth and rewarding experience.


For face-to-face home tutoring, parents can choose to have the tutor to your house or send your kid to the tutor’s house.

For online private tutoring, it will be conducted using Zoom, Google Meet or Webex.

We will design a customized lesson based on what area that your kids need improvement on. Our tutor will evaluate your kid’s current proficiency in a subject and adjust the lesson difficulty accordingly.

Yes, of course. All postponements of lessons must be made at least 24 hours in advance of lessons, except for special cases (such as medical emergencies).

Please note that failure to make a postponement at least 24 hours in advance may incur compensation to the tutor for loss (e.g time slot already blocked for the lesson, wasted trips). Generally, the compensation amount is 50% of the 1-lesson fee.

We does not encourage tutors to make frequent postponements to the lessons. However, we do encourage you to offer some degree of flexibility as tutors are also human and may fall sick or have sudden emergencies from time to time.

If the tutor we assigned to you happen to make postponements more frequently than you prefer, you may wish to communicate with them and remind them to stick to the usual lesson schedule. Sometimes, a simple effort to communicate between both parties can go a long way in avoiding any disruption in lessons or last-minute discrepancies.

Please feedback to us if you wish GoLearn to intervene.

If you face further difficulties with your tutor, please feedback to us immediately.

If you are unsatisfied with a tutor after the first trial class, GoLearn will find you a replacement tutor.

If you already confirmed to continue with a tutor, the minimum commitment is 1 month / 4 lessons after attending his/her trial class, and must pay for all lessons conducted.

Parents/Students should give GoLearn and your tutor a 2 weeks notice prior to the termination date, so we are aware of the situation. Parents/Students are required to clear up any outstanding fees before the class ends.

Yes, you can do so as you wish. GoLearn is not responsible for any engagements made outside of the agency’s knowledge. Hence, tutors and tutees are expected to inform us of any added lessons or changes to the lessons schedule/subjects/tutees.

We encourage you to make your request through the agency in order to stay protected and keep the tutor accountable to the agency.

Yes. GoLearn will issue you a full refund based on the number of classes canceled.

For last minute cancelation, we will arrange a replacement for you in a later date.

You may email us for any feedback or questions that are not answered under this FAQ.

We appreciate your help in providing us accurate feedback so we can serve your and others better.

If you are not satisfy with GoLearn services, you can email directly to our management.

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