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Parent/Student FAQ’s

Tell us what you need here. It took less than 2 minutes of your time to complete!

Our crew will contact you in less than 12 hours. You can then let us know what your child really needs or extra request. We will search and present you 2-5 of our most rated tutors.

Select your favourite tutor and start the first 30 min trial class immediately! Not okay with the tutor? No worry, we’ll arrange the second for you. It’s free of charge!

Yes you can! GoLearn treats the credibility of our tutor very seriously. Every GoLearn tutor undergoes strict screening processes by verifying their identity, and education background. 

If you  are not satisfied with a particular tutor, do not hesitate to let us know. We will take action and rearrange a better one for your kid. 

For home tutoring, parents can choose to have the tutor to your house or send your kid to the tutor’s house. 
For online private tutoring, it will be conducted using Zoom, Google Meet or Webex.

We will design a customized lesson based on what area that your kids need improvement on. Our tutor will evaluate your kid’s current proficiency in a subject and adjust the lesson difficulty accordingly.

Parents are encouraged to state your expectations as well.

The cost varies depending on the duration of tutoring service, tutor experience, geographic location (i.e toll) and special requests (i.e Exam focused lessons, extra hours ). 
Our crew will present you an estimated tutoring fee before we find you a tutor.

Check out our tuition fee guideline. 

Noooo…Our services are COMPLETELY FREE for parents and students. You are required to pay only for the  lesson conducted.

GoLearn will send an invoice of summary of the the hours of lesson committed and the total fee to parents/students. You just pay the tuition fee directly to GoLearn via online transaction. Do keep the transaction prove. If you have any concern regarding payment, we’re here to guide you.
Usually, the fee is collected at the forth week of a month in any form agreed by you and GoLearn. Both sides can have a different payment manner as long as both sides agree with it.

GoLearn accept credit/debit card, online transfer and cash. 
*Note: Cash payment will not entitled to any special benefits or participate in any of our events. 

No. You do not have to make advance payments of any kind.

Yes, parents/students should give GoLearn and your tutor a 2 weeks notice prior to the termination date, so we are aware of the situation. Parents/Students are required to clear up any outstanding fees before the class ends, to avoid any misunderstanding. Do not hesitate to ask us if you need any assistance!
More details about terminating a lesson are described in our Terms Of Service: 8.0 Cancellation or Termination of Tuition Job

You can change
1. Duration of a lesson. (i.e 1 hour -> 1.5 hours)
2. Change the day and time the lesson is conducted (subjected to tutor’s schedule).
3. Add or skip a lesson.
4. Register a new subject or stop a current lesson.
5. Change tutor (2 weeks notice is required)

You cannot change
1. The area where a lesson is conducted for home tuition.
2. The hourly tuition fee rate agreed.

Tutor FAQ’s

GoLearn connect passionate educators with parents and students who seek for tutoring services. GoLearn is for both full-time tutors who wish to grow their career as personal educator and for part-time tutors who want to utilise their time and knowledge to earn extra. With standardized rating and review system, booking experience and payment method, we assure that every GoLearn tutor is in an even and competitive platform. We believe in your success is our success.

1. Let us know that you are qualified to be a tutor.

  1. Submit ALL the required legitimate documents at Join Us.
  2. Once your registration is approved, your profile will be activated and you’ll be ready to tutor any subject.

2. What are the required document?
We need your copy of NRIC , academic certification(s), recent utility bill and bank statement (header with bank name & A/C no. is sufficient)  to process your registration.
This is important for us to verify your identity and qualification before offering you any tutoring task. Of course, we need your bank A/C no. to pay you your earning!
No worry, your information security is our No.1 priority! Your information will be kept safe and controlled under our Privacy Policy
For safety, you are encouraged to put water marks on each document and label on it for registration purposes. 

  1. You will be receiving your paycheck on a per month basis (usually end of a month) starting from the day the first lesson has been conducted. Parents will pay directly to us.
  2. If client used cash, you will get full payment and will responsible to pay GoLearn the agreed sum of commission on a per month basis. Failing to do so will greatly reduce your credibility and may result in your account being suspended.

All our active tutoring jobs are posted on our GoLearn Tutor Official Facebook page. 

Yes. All changes must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson with the consent from parents and GoLearn.
GoLearn encourage Tutors and Parents/Students to reschedule and made necessary changes on the ongoing session if any complications arise.

You may terminate a tutoring lesson with solid reason that in line with our Terms of Service: 8.0 Cancellation or Termination of Tuition Job.
Other than that, you are not allowed to do so. 

Yes with consent from parents and GoLearn. For tuition that has been active for more than 2 weeks, tutors are expected to commit lessons at the assigned details. However, if postponements to the entire course had to be made, you have to terminate the lesson and we require you to inform both parents and GoLearn at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson.

For Home tuition, tutors are free to choose from either option:

Option 1:
1st Month – 50% (Another 50% of the first month tuition fee as deposit.)
2nd month – 100%
3rd month – 100%
4th month – 100%
5th month onward – 100%

If a service is terminated by parents within 14 days starting from the first class, GoLearn will refund in FULL the deposit back to the tutor.
If the service is terminated after 14 and before 30 days starting from the first class, the refund will be based on lessons conducted, parents’ feedback, and the location where the tuition takes place.
After 30 days, we are regret that no refund available.

Option 2 (NEW) :
1st month – 74%
2nd month – 78%
3rd month – 82%
4th month – 84%
5th month onward – 86%

Note: No deposit is required. No worry about parents not paying the tuition fees. Higher priority in getting more tutoring jobs.


For Online 1-to-1 private tuition, this is what you will earn:

1st month – 74% 
2nd month – 78%
3rd month – 82%
4th month – 84%
5th month onward – 86%

This may be subjected to change based on seasonal demand, subject popularity and tutor density in an area. The payout gives all tutors an equal chance to teach with GoLearn and provides us an opportunity to identify passionate tutors, which we will be building a long term strategic partnership with them.

Contact us for more detail about the payout!

  1. All payments are to be done through GoLearn’s parent company account.

Recipient                : TA CREATIVE SOLUTIONS
Account Number  : 8010367463
Bank                       : CIMB BANK

2. Send a copy of the transaction detail for our reference purpose.

Tuition fees for hourly private tuition or online tuition depends on the tutor’s qualification and experiences. Individual tutors may charge differently according to parents’ requirements, tutoring location, the experience of the tutor, the number of subjects to be taught and so on. Click here to find out more about GoLearn recommended rates.

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