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Suitable for newcomers, freelancer writers. 

Earning: RM60 / month (RM0.03 / words)

Best for freelancer writers. Only by promotion from TIER 1.

Earning: RM160 / month (RM0.04 / words)

Suitable for bloggers, serious part-time writers. Only by promotion from TIER 2.

Earning: RM350 – 560 / month (RM0.05 – 0.08 / words)

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Content Creator, Writer, Author Guidelines & FAQs

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms,

To become our author, you shall agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

1.1 Formal Education – Preschool, Primary, Secondary, International School, Diploma, University, etc.

1.2 Informal Education – Home-school, Teaching-related, Learning-related, Online learning, Tuition Centre, Home tuition, etc.

1.3 Miscellaneous – Any topic related to education in general or specific to Malaysia

2.1 Provide comprehensive insight, understanding, and reflective thought about the topic by building a focused argument around a specific issue or asking a new related question or making an oppositional statement supported by personal experience or related research

2.2 Selects and inserts graphics and multimedia that are mostly high quality and enhance and clarify the content.

2.3 Written content is largely free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.

3.1 300 – 600 words – Digestive reads, good for social shares and engagement.

3.2 601 – 1500 words – Journalistic style, standard educational posts.

3.3 1501 – 2500 words – Educational posts meant to educate readers, provide valuable insights which may include downloadable content. (Preferred)

3.4 2501 and above – Compilation of educational posts, provide complete knowledge that cover a certain niche topic, eBook.

4.1 Select 2- 3 Keywords that directly relates to your topic. i.e online class. These keywords usually appear frequently in the content. 

4.2 Choose Click-Worthy Titles that include your keyword(s). i.e 3 Simple Steps to Start Your First Online Class.

4.3 Pick a Niche Topic and stick with it so you readers know what to expect when they visit your content.

4.4 Write Content your Audience wants to Read. The content you want to write and the content your audience wants to read aren’t always the same thing. Discover what your audience wants, what their problems are, and how you can help them through your content.

4.5 Write Awesome Content. Great content needs to be well-researched, organized, entertaining and relevant.

4.6 Promote Your Blog and encourage engagement.

5.1 Prerequisite for Author Account activation

5.1.1 Joined as GoLearn tutor.

5.2 Once activated, authors can access their account and update their information.

5.3 Account Termination

5.3.1 No longer a GoLearn tutor or

5.3.2 Any other act that deem inappropriate by GoLearn.

6.1 Submission Process:

6.2 Submit your content in Microsoft Word. If you used media, attach a separate copy of the media and send it to us. (image – jpeg, png only; document – pdf only; audio/video – Links to the audio/video). Each image and document size should be less than 1Mb. Audio and video should not have copyright issues.
Submission link:
If GoLearn’s editor did not reply you in 3 working days, please contact us.

6.3 For PATHWAY 1 writers, GoLearn reserves final rights to reject content at First Draft stage. It could be due to weak language proficiency, hence low writing quality, committed serious plagiarism (based on Turnitin Score > 50%), or any other act that deem inappropriate by GoLearn.

For individual or partners voluntarily or promotional content, GoLearn reserves the final rights in publishing decision.

6.4 Content removal is done upon

6.4.1 Decision by GoLearn editor when the content is deemed outdated or no longer relevant.

6.4.2 Requested by author.

7.1 Earn lifetime visibility through GoLearn’s official channels and partner network via guest posts.

7.2 Create high contribution and impact through academic writing. A commitment to open education.

7.3 Earn extra income via writing quests.

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