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Truth about Mastering Physics in Malaysia​

Dear parents, if you are here, I believe you must be looking for ways to help your kid learn Physics and hopefully get a better result in SPM, IGCSE, or IB Physics examinations.

Majority of us do not take Physics subjects during our time as students. Even if you do, the Physics syllabus might have gone through tremendous changes and is no longer relevant with what your children learn right now.

Physics is regarded as one of the toughest science subjects. Physics is not like Sejarah or History subjects, about memorizing the facts and theory.  Instead, it requires a lot of passion from students to understand and apply the theories and formulas themselves.

Although it seems to be an elective subject in science stream, but

Physics is the prerequisite subject to most of the engineering and technology-related careers.

While some parents are still forcing their children to take medical or law degrees, most parents nowadays give freedom to their children to choose what they like to do.

If your kids love imagination, assemble and resemble things and explore technology (not just playing mobile games), this means they have huge interest in technology and engineering fields. As parents, it’s your job to keep them on the right path.

One of things to do is to ensure they master Physics and score well in that subject.

There’s still a gap in between falling in love with real physics and mastering physics subjects that are taught in school. That is why many parents are sending their children for Physics tuition class near them, enrol in an online Physics tuition or find a physics home tutor that comes to their place.

A Physic Tutor Writing on Blackboard

Kids nowadays are too immersed in social media like Tiktok and Instagram. The type of feed that they usually follow are mostly trendy and celebrities. Unlikely they will be interested in fact-based educational content.

As social media has become the dominant form of entertainment in the 00′ era, students sometimes think they learn physics from fancy experiments that they watched with millions of views and thinking that’s was all about physics.

It’s partially true.

The real learning is about the physics principles underneath those visually stunning physics experiments. 

This brings us to another important topic that follows.

Score Better in Physics Examination?

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How Physics Tuition or Online Physics Tuition Improves My Children Physics Score?

Physics in Malaysia is one of toughest subjects and parents usually share the same problem. Their kids do not score well in examinations despite spending a lot of time studying physics.

Their kids learnt through creating their mind maps, doing extra exercises, and attending physics tuition class on a regular basis, but it is still not showing any sign of improvement. Some parents send their kids to a physics tuition class, but it is still not enough.

This happens because answering physics questions could be tricky and it needs students to really understand the topics as well as having a proper strategy to answer it.

In a huge classroom, your kid barely learns something.

A Physics small group tutoring would be a better choice since there are less students in a class and Physics teacher can put more focus on your kid.

With pandemic, online Physics small group tutoring is gaining popularity. It’s proven that online Physics tuition is as effective as physical class

A girl holding Physic books while sleeping on top of books

If you have the budget, you can be looking to get a private physics 1-on-1 home tutor.

An experienced and recommended physics tutor can help your children score good results. This is crucial because the grades your children receive for physics subjects at SPM or IGCSE level will ensure them to continue advancing into the next level in the Malaysian educational system. As there’s a lot of topics in Physics, learning as early as possible can ensure your children do not suffer during the final examination.

If you and your child have decided to pursue a career in science, such as engineer and physicist, physics is the core subject that will always play an important role in his/her future career.

If your children’s physics grades are not at prerequisite level, getting a good Physics 1-on-1 tutor or online Physics tutor who has years of teaching experience and excellent teaching approach in the subject is vital for giving them a good understanding of physics.

Can I just encourage my child to focus on their Physics studies and excel on their own? Technically, yes you can. Before you make that decision, let’s see what Physics is all about.

What is Physics?

To be honest, it’s really difficult to define exactly what Physics is. For one, physics keeps changing as we progress and make new discoveries. New theories don’t just bring new answers.

Physics is the science in which matter and energy are studied both separately and in combination with one another.

Everything around us uses energy in one way or another. Our automobiles, planes, and trains burn fuel, our computers require electrical sources and Wi-Fi connections, and our telecommunication devices operate on cellular signals.

Essentially, with our expanded capabilities has come an increased need for new forms of energy; and this may be nuclear power or alternative energy sources such as fossil fuels or hybrid power.

An atom emitting radiation

The Physics Syllabus in Malaysia

In Physics subjects in Malaysia, students want to explain why objects move around the way they do. So first, in the topics One-dimensional motion and Two-dimensional motion, students will learn how to precisely describe the motion of objects and predict their motion for some special cases.

With the ability to precisely describe motion, students will learn in Forces and Newton’s Laws how the concept of force allows them to explain why objects change their motion.

Students will continue mastering and expanding their ability to deal with motion by showing that conservation laws are an alternative way to explain the motion of an object. These conservation laws give constraints on how the motion of a system can change. Conservation of energy will be learned in Work and energy, and conservation of momentum will be learned in Impacts and linear momentum.

Up to that point students will have mostly considered objects that are not changing their rotational motion, so in Moments, torque, and angular momentum students will learn how to describe and explain rotational motion and pick up a new conservation law along the way—conservation of angular momentum. After this point, students will deploy what they learned about motion, forces, and conservation laws to analyze how to deal with a variety of new forces and phenomena.

Students will learn how to deal with liquids and gases in Fluids and Thermal physics. Then in Electricity and Magnetism students will learn about two new forces—the electric force and the magnetic force. In Circuits we’ll see how electric forces cause current to flow.

In Optics students will investigate the ways in which electromagnetic waves (i.e., light) can bend and reflect. Once students learn about light, they get to learn Einstein’s theory of Special relativity. And that’s just to name a few.

By the end, students should have a nice understanding of introductory physics and the mathematical tools physicists use to describe and explain the universe. But no summary can describe all the interesting and powerful aspects of physics beyond the syllabus.

The best way to find out is to jump in and discover it for yourself.

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How to Choose a Good Physics Tuition in Malaysia

The easiest way is to send your kids to any Physics tuition classes near you. Due to the COVID19, getting an online Physics tutor is another alternative. It has proven that online physics tuition can be as effective as physical physics class conducted in school, with a professional physics tutor. Getting a physics tuition is important in terms of making sure your children learn the same things they learnt in school again. It serves the purpose of Physics revision.

Sometimes, the physics tuition teacher can deliver more value by pointing out things that were not covered in school.

You may also consider Physics small group tutoring by an experienced physics teacher at his/her place. Some professional tutors are good at all science topics, including Physics. On top of that, he/she is more familiar with the exam format and hence could guide the students in answering exam-related questions.

To ensure a great future for your children in the field of science. A Physics tutor who is the finest at making sense of Physics theories and can help your children thrive in the subject by understanding the fundamentals from the ground up.

A Newton's Cradle Metal Pendulum

If you’re seeking good physics tutoring in Malaysia, the first thing you should look for is a Physics tutor’s qualifications. Having a strong academic qualification and teaching experience is the first thing you should be looking for in a physics tutor.

At GoLearn, we ensure that our physics tutors in Malaysia can break down even the most challenging Physics principle into simple notes so that students can understand them easily.

Many of the tutors might have good academic qualifications, but delivering the knowledge to the students requires years of experience and teaching techniques. Therefore, when we select our Physics tutor in Malaysia, we evaluate them not only for their subject knowledge and teaching expertise, but also for their ability to deliver a topic to students and keep the students focus all the time.

A good Physics tutor makes every single class like an exploration of our amazing world, from traditional physics to space exploration.

I have the Budget, should I choose Home Tuition instead of sending them to Physics tuition class nearby?

When it comes to home tuition, the first thing is to understand your learning objective. 1-on-1 home tuition is usually a choice if you wish your kid to improve Physics faster, while learning at someplace that is safer compared to tuition centres.

When you hire a Physics home tutor or online private Physics tutor, do remember to let your tutor know your child’s current Physics grade. This is very helpful for him/her to design the most suitable lesson that can get your kid ontrack as soon as possible.

However, this will come with higher cost. You can check the home tuition rate in Malaysia.

If there is no urgency to do so, sending your kid to Physics tuition class near you is a good option. There, a professional Physics tutor will take care of everything for you and all you need is to go and pick up your child on time.

Online Physics tuition is another choice if you want your kid to attend Physics tuition lessons virtually from your home. It saves your time.

Make sure you have these 5 important equipment ready before attending an English online tuition class.

A old fashioned blackboard with physics theories and formulas

Are you ready for Physics Tuition or Online Physics Tuition?

To excel in Physics is not a single day’s work. As time passes, more knowledge that your children will have to learn.

Start early by sending your kid to Physics tuition class nearby or join an online Physics tuition class.

Physics is the core subject to pursue engineering or technology-related careers. Mastering Physics certainly gives your child huge advantages in future.

As a reliable education partner, we will be your trusted choice when it comes to Physics tuition. We are professional agency that find home tuition and online tutor in Malaysia for you for FREE.

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