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Truth about Mastering Mandarin or Bahasa Cina in Malaysia

Dear parents, if you are here, I believe you must be looking for ways to help your kid learn Mandarin or Bahasa Cina.

If you are not a native Mandarin speaker, nor use Mandarin as the main communication medium at home, it is normal that your kids find it hard to master the Mandarin or Chinese Language subject.

You may want your children to take Mandarin because of your personal reason, but learning Mandarin is challenging for non-native speakers. However, Bahasa Cina taught at Primary level is basic and most students are able to follow up with the lesson.

Although it seems to be a second language learned in primary or secondary school, but

Mandarin is one of the most important languages that is used in the corporate world.

Ability to communicate in Mandarin gives a fresh graduate an advantage in securing a job.

Like it or not, once you decide to let your kids learn Mandarin, you have to ensure they learn and master the subject.

That is why many parents are sending their children for Mandarin tuition class near them, enroll in online Chinese language tuition or find a Mandarin Home Tutor.

A female tutor is teaching a girl reading book
A female tutor is teaching a girl reading book

Kids nowadays are too immersed in social media like Tiktok and Instagram. Although many of the feeds are Mandarin in nature, it is still far from the standard Mandarin which is taught in school. For non-native speakers, they are more likely to be interested in their mother tongue.

As social media has become the dominant form of entertainment in the 00′ era, students sometimes use the Mandarin that the Mandarin subject tutors claim never seen before in their Mandarin writing homework and assignments.

This brings us to another important topic that follows.

Score Better in IGCSE Mandarin, IB Chinese A/B or SPM Bahasa Cina Exams?

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How Chinese Language Tuition or Online Mandarin Tuition Improves My Children Mandarin Proficiency?

Mandarin is more than just a subject, it is used to communicate ideas and thoughts in a beautiful way. In IGCSE Mandarin and IB Chinese A/B, a student’s Mandarin proficiency is evaluated from their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

For the Bahasa Cina subjects in Malaysia National Curriculum, the focus is still on reading and writing. Now, the Ministry of Education is putting effort into bringing speaking and listening lessons to the classroom.

Learning Mandarin requires focus. However in a huge classroom, you kid barely learns something.

That is why you should look for Mandarin tuition class near you. Since MCO, online Chinese language tuition is becoming a trend.
There are multiple ways you can find an Mandarin tutor easily. One of the ways to is get a Mandarin tutor from GoLearn.

How is Chinese Language or Mandarin Reading taught?

Reading is considered the fundamental of Mandarin. It covers all the building blocks of the Chinese language, including tenses, grammar, punctuation, idioms, vocabulary and e.t.c.

This is where our Mandarin tutor will be highly focusing on as it belongs to a part of the IGCSE Mandarin, IB Chinese Language or Primary (Previously known as UPSR), PT3 and SPM Bahasa Cina exams.

In our Mandarin tuition class, aside from learning from the reading material provided, the Mandarin tutor will make sure the lessons are conducted in a fun and enjoyable manner.

All students will be involved in discussion and given a chance to share their answers. In our online Mandarin tuition lesson, all students are required to open their webcam and our Mandarin tutor will be able to see them.

Our Mandarin tutor will pick some students to read out the text. This will improve their phonetics and intonation in Mandarin speaking as well.

Chinese language is unique as it contains its own set of tenses and grammar. Most students dislike it due to the complexity of comprehending it.

To make sure the knowledge gets through, aside from homework and assignments, tutors usually incorporate interactive visual teaching and provide quizzes to the students.

Ancient Chinese characters
Ancient Chinese characters

How to Score in Mandarin Writing?

Mandarin writing is the nightmare of most students. In any Chinese Language writing exam, it carries a lot of marks and hence is a must-pass paper.

Chinese writing is an art. It is about connecting sentences, linking points and wrapping up the stories.

Most of the time, Mandarin essay writing requires students to know what’s happening around them.

In IGCSE Mandarin, IB Chinese Language or SPM Bahasa Cina writing paper, it consists of multiple sections.

Take for example, there is a short essay section in SPM Bahasa Cina writing paper that requires candidates to write a guided essay on a given scenario. The long essay section requires candidates to choose and write their favourite title.

It is not difficult to fork out what to write. But if a student spent all his/her time on electronic gadgets, it would be a disaster.

In our Mandarin tuition lesson, we emphasize a lot on writing skills that can help students to score in examinations. Our Mandarin tutor usually provides sample pass year or mock exam papers from other schools for students to practise.

There is a difference when it comes to online Mandarin tuition. Since our Mandarin tutor is unable to guide the students face to face, the Chinese writing class will be focusing on essay homework plus discussion during the lesson.

Tutors will provide a title for the students and they are required to complete it prior to the lesson. Mandarin tutor will mark the homework and discuss it during the class. Opportunities are given to students with excellent writing to share their content with their classmates.

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How Mandarin Tuition Class Improves Your Speaking and Listening Skill?

Many kids today would rather skip a lesson if they were asked to do speaking!

Speaking and listening skills are the most important communication skills when they come to the workspace.

In school, they do not have many chances to practice. But in a small group Bahasa Cina tuition class, everyone will have the opportunity to speak.

To encourage students to speak out, our tutor will make sure Mandarin is the only language used in the Mandarin tuition class. The tutor will talk frequently with the students and facilitate group discussion to encourage them to express their thoughts.

In online Mandarin tuition lessons, all students are required to show their face and they will have an equal chance to be selected as a speaker to read out a text.

Preparation for IGCSE Mandarin or IB Chinese Listening and Speaking papers is done with full attention from the tutor. Students will continuously practise speaking and listening until they are familiar with the format and able to perform confidently.

A girl holding books
A girl holding books

Should I choose Home Tuition or send them to Bahasa Cina tuition nearby?

When it comes to home tuition, the first thing is to understand your goal. Home tuition is usually a choice if you wish your kid to master Mandarin faster.

When you hire an Chinese language home tutor, do remember to let your tutor know your child’s current proficiency so he/she can design the lesson specifically for them.

However, this will come with higher cost. You can check the Mandarin home tuition rate in Malaysia.

If there is no urgency to do so, sending your kid to Chinese language tuition near you is a good option. There, a professional Mandarin tutor will take care of everything for you and all you need is to go and pick up your child on time.

Online Mandarin tuition is another choice if you want your kid to attend Mandarin tuition virtually from your home. It saves you more time.

Make sure you have these 5 important equipment ready before attending a Bahasa Cina online tuition class.

A little girl is writing something alone

Are you ready for Mandarin Tuition or Online Mandarin Tuition?

To score well in Mandarin is not an easy task. As your kids progress in their studies, more Chinese language linguistic skills that your children will have to learn.

Start early by sending your kid to Mandarin tuition nearby or join an online Mandarin tuition class.

Ability to understand Mandarin is important in the corporate world. Master in Chinese language certainly gives your child huge advantages in future career progression.

As a reliable education partner, we will be your trusted choice when it comes to Mandarin tuition. We are professional agency that find best Chinese language home tuition in Malaysia for you for FREE.

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