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*GoLearn+ applies to Home Tuition only.

What is GoLearn+ ?

GoLearn+ is our new home tuition program, where we auto-shortlist qualified tutors to nearby tutoring requests and you will be assigned to teach if the students/parents select you.

Who Should Apply?

*timeslots – GoLearn’s timeslot refers to 28 fixed timeslots available in a week: 8am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm and 6pm onward, from Monday to Sunday.

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How To Get A Tutoring Task?


Apply as GoLearn+ Tutor.
Once we receive your application, we will check your profile and verify your identity.  

Note: Limited number of tutors will be accepted in a particular zone.  For example, we have 10 headcounts for Mont Kiara – Sri Hartamas zone. Once we reach the quota,  newer applicants will be waitlisted. 



Just wait for your first tutoring task assignment.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you constantly update your availability so we know when you’re open to teaching. Failing to do so will cause a time crash and task rejection. Multiple rejections may cause your GoLearn+ status to be revoked.


Congratulation! Prepare for your first lesson after parents selected you as their tutor. 

TIPS: First Impression matters. Be professional and deliver the best for your learners!

Good luck! 

Potential Earning

RM1000-2500 as a Part-time tutor and RM2500-7000 as a Full-time tutor. 

Example 1: SPM English

An SPM English Home Tuition task in Cheras, RM65/hour, 1.5 hours per lesson. Assuming 4 lessons in a month.

Your Salary = RM65/hr × 6 hrs (1.5 hrs × 4 lessons) × 80% payout = RM312/month

Example 2: A-Level Mathematics

An A-Level Mathematics Home Tuition at Mont Kiara, RM100/hour, 1.5 hours per lesson. Assuming 4 lessons in a month.

Your Salary = RM100/hr × 6 hrs (1.5 hrs × 4 lessons) × 80% payout = RM480/month

Example 3: Maximum Salary

Assuming an average monthly net salary of RM350 per Home Tuition classes at 1.5 hours per lesson, 4 lessons per month.

Your Salary = RM350 × 28 timeslots* = RM9800/month

Total Hours =1.5 hrs × 4 lessons × 28 timeslots* = 168 hrs/month, 42 hrs/week

Salary Comparison

  • Freelance Tutor
  • Small Tuition Center
  • School Teacher (DG41)
  • Lecturer
  • GoLearn+
Freelance TutorSmall Tuition CenterSchool Teacher (DG41)LecturerGoLearn+
Full-time / Part-time
Salary + AllowancesRM500 - 2000RM1500 - 2800RM2800 - 3400RM4000 - 7000Up to RM9,800
Teaching Hours10 – 30/week> 40/week> 40/week during normal times> 40/week including teaching & research42/week

Note: Actual salary varies according to teaching hours committed, seniority, and experience of educators. 

Quality Tutors Deserve More!


200 Hours Reward
- GoLearn Ambassador


For Absolute Beginner (Skip if you already know GoLearn)

First of all, Welcome!🎉

GoLearn is Malaysia’s #1 Private Tutoring Platform👩‍🏫.
You are here mostly because you wish to become a private tutor. 

How GoLearn Work?
👉Register as a tutor, and you can start applying our tutoring tasks immediately.
👉Qualified tutors will be shortlisted. You will be notified to start teaching if parents/learners select you.
👉You will receive your salary on a monthly basis.

That how simple is it! 😎

About GoLearn+

GoLearn+ – We auto-shortlisted & assign tutoring tasks to you if parents selected you. 

GoLearn – You apply for tutoring jobs and receive them after parents/learners selected you.  

GoLearn+ – Priority in getting shortlisted.
GoLearn – Compete with all tutors. Everyone can apply, few get shortlisted and only 1 will receive the job.

It’s FREE.

1. GoLearn+ tutors must be ready to receive any home tutoring task assigned. Rejection of a tutoring task will impact your Tutor Score.

2. GoLearn+ tutors are required to constantly update their available timeslots to avoid time crashes.

3. GoLearn+ applies to Home Tuition only. 

Before we assign any tutoring task for you, we need:
STEP 1: Identity verification. Submit the required documents

STEP 2: Carefully update your tutor profile – 
1. Available timeslots (Mark as ‘busy’ or ‘close’ if you are not able to teach at this timeslot). Do this weekly.  
2. Subjects you are best at. 
3. Your address (Ensure only the nearest tasks for you)
4. Constantly keep your profile up-to-date.

Not An Issue. You still can apply any of the tutoring tasks as usual.

Potential reasons why your application is rejected. 

1. Overwhelming GoLearn+ Tutor applications near your places. You will be waitlisted and approval is based on a first come first serve basis. 

2. Profile completeness, qualifications, availability, track records, and other factors.

3. Serious violation of GoLearn policies or low Tutor Score.

Tutoring Task

All GoLearn+ tutors will be notified of new tutoring task assignments at least 24 hours earlier. All you need to do is to prepare for the first lessons. 

A tutor will not be penalized if parents/learners rejected him/her after the first lesson.

However, GoLearn would gather feedbacks from both parents/learners and tutors to understand the reasons for the failure. Only if the fault is at the tutor side, his/her Tutor Score will be affected.

GoLearn grades tutors based on factors such as teaching performance, feedback given by parents, profile completeness, track records, and others. Tutor Score cultivates excellence by rewarding the best and isolating bad apples.

As long as the tutoring task is valid, we would strongly encourage GoLearn+ tutors to accept the assigned task.

All tutoring tasks are assigned based on the tutoring location, subjects requested, and availability of a tutor. Tuition fees are reasonably priced for every subject and level, and this information is accessible to all tutors.

Do note that all tutoring tasks are exclusively prioritized for our GoLearn+ tutors. Behind the scene, GoLearn is doing the marketing and hard work to secure every tutoring task. We need our GoLearn+ tutors to put their efforts and commitments to ensure the success of every task assigned. We guaranteed tuition fee payment for every lesson conducted.

A tutor may reject a task assigned if encountered an unavoidable situation which includes an undesired health condition, accident, being out of the station, or dissatisfaction with the learner (eg. the learner is chronically late, did not attend the lesson without any valid explanation) or any unforeseen circumstances deem valid by GoLearn.

Yes. Existing GoLearn+ tutors should give GoLearn a 7 Days notice, so we are aware of the situation. All existing classes under GoLearn+ will continue as usual. 

By quitting GoLearn+, you are agreeing to give up all your priorities and bonuses. 

Yes. All changes must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the upcoming lesson with consent from parents/learners and GoLearn. GoLearn+ tutors are expected to commit to lessons at the assigned details unless the changes/postponement are made by parents/learners.

If postponements to the entire tutoring task had to be made, we will inform both parents/learners and tutors at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson.

However, tutors are strictly not allowed to change the area where a lesson is conducted for home tuition tasks and the hourly tutoring rate agreed.

You may terminate a tutoring task with solid reason if encountered an unavoidable situation which includes an undesired health condition, accident, being out of the station, or dissatisfaction with the learner (eg. the learner is chronically late, did not attend the lesson without any valid explanation) or any unforeseen circumstances deem valid by GoLearn

Other than that, you are not allowed to do so. 

We would seriously investigate any complaints, allegations, and dissatisfaction coming from parents/learners and take perspectives from involved tutors into account so we are fair to everyone.

We put high expectations and trust in our GoLearn+ tutor. We expect our tutors put 100% of their efforts into doing what they are best at.


The payment for each task is calculated based on the formula:
Your Earning = Hourly rate  * Total hours of lesson conducted * 80% payout

You will be receiving your paycheck on a per-month basis (usually within the first week of next month). Parents will pay directly to us by the end of each month.

Tutors may propose certain purchases that parents/learners can make in order to smoothen the learning process, and GoLearn is well-informed. Other than that, tutors are not allowed to collect any material, transportation, or miscellaneous costs from parents/learners. 

An official invoice will be issued to parents/learners to collect the tutoring fee. Tutors are strictly not allowed to do it on behalf of GoLearn.

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