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What is GoLearn+ ?

GoLearn+ is our private tutoring transformation cornerstone program, where we directly assign nearby tutoring tasks to the qualified tutor.  

GoLearn+ is our roadmap to build Malaysia’s first Private Tutoring ecosystem, pioneering seamless client experiences for thousands across the nation. At the forefront of the education revolution, our every effort enhances how private learning is conducted and every tutor is empowered. 

We are excited to invite full-time, part-time, and existing/retired teachers to join our new journey.

How To Get A Tutoring Task?


Register as GoLearn+ Tutor. Verify your identity, and understand the prerequisites, requirements, and potential earnings. 

TIPS: Upload a confident-looking profile picture and write a good description of yourself.



All you need to do now is to wait for your first tutoring task assignment.

TIPS: Make sure you constantly keep your profile updated, so we know you’re open to teaching


Congratulation! Prepare for your first lesson and Good luck! 

TIPS: First Impression matters. Be professional and deliver the best for your learners!

Potential Earning

RM1000-2500 as a Part-time tutor and RM2500-7000 as a Full-time tutor. 

A part-time tutor means you have a full-time job or are still in studies, and you are conducting a class on your own time. A full-time tutor means you decided to go full-time to be a home or online tutor.

Example 1: SPM English

A home tutoring task for Form 5 English at Cheras, 2 hours per lesson per week. Your pay is RM100/lesson. Assuming 4 weeks in a month. You received petrol incentive totalled up to RM25.

Your Earning = RM100/lesson × 4 weeks + RM25 Incentives = RM425/month

Example 2: A-Level Mathematics

A home tutoring task for A-Level – Mathematics at Mont Kiara, 2 hours per lesson per week. Your pay is RM150/lesson. Assuming 4 weeks in a month. You received internet + petrol incentive totalled up to RM32.

Your Earning = RM150/lesson × 4 weeks + RM32 Incentives = RM632/month

Who Should Apply?

*timeslots – GoLearn’s timeslot refers to 28 fixed timeslots available in a week: 8am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm and 6pm onward, from Monday to Sunday.

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About GoLearn+

GoLearn+ – We assign tutoring tasks for you. 

GoLearn – You apply for tutoring jobs and receive them after parents/learners selected you.  

GoLearn+ is a new tutoring task platform based on teaching resource sharing. All GoLearn+ tutors will have priority in tutoring task assignments, hence higher earning.
GoLearn is a tutoring tasks platform open to all educators in Malaysia. Everyone can apply, few get shortlisted and only 1 will receive the job. It was competitive and great tutors deserved more chances to teach.

It’s FREE.

Tutor who wishes to grow their tutoring career with GoLearn, becoming a full-time tutor or part-time tutor with a minimum of 3 fixed timeslots available for at least 3 months are welcome to apply.

GoLearn+ tutor must be ready to receive any tutoring task assigned. All tasks given will be based on the feasibility to travel to the tutoring location, the subjects requested, and the availability of the tutor. Rejection of a tutoring task will impact a tutor’s GoLearn+ Score

Open to all full-time, part-time, and existing/retired school teachers.

Before we assign any tutoring task for you, we need:
STEP 1: Identity verification. Submit the required documents.

STEP 2: Carefully update your tutor profile – 
1. Available timeslots (Do mark as ‘busy’ if a slot is currently occupied.) 
2. Subjects you are best at (If you have a lot of them, let us know explicitly those you wish to register for GoLearn+). 
3. Your address (To prioritize the nearest tasks for you)

4. Constantly keep your profile up-to-date.

Tutoring Task

All GoLearn+ tutors will be notified of new tutoring task assignments at least 24 hours earlier. All you need to do is to prepare for the first lessons. 

No. We guarantee tuition fee payment for every lesson conducted. You are required to only focus on what you are best at – Quality and Engaging Lessons.

If parents/learners rejected a tutor after the first lesson, we would gather feedbacks from both parents/learner and tutors to understand if it was the learner’s, tutor’s or due to our task assignment problem. Tutor will not be penalize

However, if the same issue happens to multiple parents/learner on a particular GoLearn+ tutor, his/her GoLearn+ Score will be affected.

GoLearn+ Score is a meritocratic system to evaluate every GoLearn+ tutor. Through this system, we are able to reward tutors who work hard and produce results, and weed out the bad ones. Parents/learners feedback, quality of lessons, tutor’s professionalism, and tutoring task accomplishment are some of the criteria. 

As long as the tutoring task is valid, we would strongly encourage GoLearn+ tutors to accept the assigned task to preserve GoLearn+ Score.

All tutoring tasks are assigned based on the tutoring location, subjects requested, and availability of a tutor. Tuition fees are reasonably priced for every subject and level, and this information is accessible to GoLearn+ tutors.

Do note that all tutoring tasks are exclusively prioritized for our GoLearn+ tutors. Behind the scene, GoLearn is doing the marketing and hard-work to secure every tutoring task. We need our GoLearn+ Tutors to put their efforts and commitments to ensure the success of every task assigned. We guaranteed tuition fee payment for every lesson conducted.

Tutor may reject a task assigned if encountered an unavoidable situation which includes an undesired health condition, accident, being out of the station, or dissatisfaction with the learner (eg. the learner is chronically late, did not attend the lesson without any valid explanation) or any unforeseen circumstances deem valid by GoLearn.

Yes. Existing GoLearn+ tutor should give GoLearn a 7 Days notice, so we are aware of the situation. All existing classes under GoLearn+ will continue as usual.

Yes. All changes must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the upcoming lesson with consent from parents/learners and GoLearn. GoLearn+ tutors are expected to commit to lessons at the assigned details unless the changes/postponement are made by parents/learners.

If postponements to the entire tutoring task had to be made, we will inform both parents/learners and tutors at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson.

However, tutors are strictly not allowed to change the area where a lesson is conducted for home tuition task and the hourly tutoring rate agreed.

You may terminate a tutoring task with solid reason if encountered an unavoidable situation which includes an undesired health condition, accident, being out of the station, or dissatisfaction with the learner (eg. the learner is chronically late, did not attend the lesson without any valid explanation) or any unforeseen circumstances deem valid by GoLearn

Other than that, you are not allowed to do so. 

We would seriously investigate any complaints, allegations, and dissatisfaction coming from parents/learners and take perspectives from involved tutors into account so we are fair to everyone.

We put high expectations and trust in our GoLearn+ tutor. We expect our tutors put 100% of their efforts into doing what they are best at.


The payment for each task is calculated based on the formula:
Your Earning = Hourly rate  * Hours per Lesson  * Number of Lessons per week  *  4 Weeks in a Month

Unlimited incentives for tutors who completed their tutoring tasks excellently.
Final Earning = Your Earning + Incentives

Check out the estimated hourly rates for each subjects and level.


You will be receiving your paycheck on a per-month basis (usually within the first week of next month). Parents will pay directly to us by end of each month.

Tutors may propose certain purchases that parents/learners can made in order to smoothen the learning process, and GoLearn are well-informed.

Other than that, tutors are not allowed to collect any material, transportation, or any miscellaneous costs from parents/learners. 

Official invoice will be issued to parents/learners to collect the tutoring fee. Tutor are strictly not allowed to do it on behalf of GoLearn.

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