How to Score A+ in SPM English Writing - With Sample Answers and Answering Techniques

Find out how to score in SPM English Paper 2 from a real expert. Here, you will learn the tips to study the subject, go through SPM English writing pass year analysis and learn to answer SPM English essay exam questions through practical examples.


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Hi, students! Welcome to here! Without any doubt, I believe you are here because you want to score an A in SPM English! From my experience, I would say, if you follow most of the tips provided below, in addition with a good grammar base and spelling, you will definitely have no problem in doing well on your English exam! Just do it and I believe you can make it successful!

Useful Documents for SPM English Examination

Here, you can find all latest SPM format, SPM exam time table, schema for SPM English, general information, etc.

Paper 1 in Summary

First and foremost, it is your PAPER 1 which is more about grammar and spelling questions.  Do more exercise on your grammar and do more reading to expand your English vocabulary. That is the only piece of advice I can tell you as I would like to focus more on the PAPER 2 which takes more marks! For your information, the total marks for PAPER 1 is 40 marks and the total marks for PAPER 2 is 60 marks.

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SPM English Paper 2 - Section 1

Section 1 is about writing an e-mail which is only a short communicative message with only a limitation of 80 words. In this part, you have no choice but to do it by answering directly to the point and the suggested time is 20 minutes.

Here are some of the most important tips:

  • Don’t ever miss the format, e.g. the email address, the subject, introduction, conclusion and closing part.
  • For the introduction, try to be simple and interesting to attract the readers, for example: I hope you are doing well!
  • Think about your main points by using 5W1H (What, Who, Where, When, Why, How) and keep the points concise.
  • Do remember to make closing and signature, e.g. I am looking forward to speaking to you next time! Bye!

Example Question:

You received an email from your friend, Amanda who is planning a trip during the school holidays.


What are you doing during your school holidays? My family and I are planning a trip to Langkawi Island. You went there with your family last year, didn’t you? How was your trip? What did you do there? Are there any places we should go?

Do let me know.


This is an example question. In this question, it asks about how the trip is and some suggestions about the holidaymakers in Langkawi. Do take note that you are writing to Amanda.

Sample Answer:

To: amanda@gmail.com

Subject: A Trip to Langkawi Island.

Hi Amanda,

We had so much fun there! It is suggested to take a cable car and go up to the Langkawi Sky Bridge where the view is breathtaking! Why don’t you go on an island hopping tour to Pulau Dayang Bunting? The island looks like a silhouette of a pregnant woman lying down and trying to swim in the freshwater lake there! You may visit Pulau Beras Basah and relax on the soft sandy beach! You’ll enjoy it!



  • Try to be simple and easy to understand! Don’t make things complicated.
  • For the sample essay above, it is not necessary to suggest or recommend so many places, a few will do.
  • Be careful with grammar and spelling as this can lead you to lose marks.

SPM English Paper 2 - Section 2

Section 2 is about writing an article based on a given question.

  • When writing this essay, you must take note that you need to use all the notes given and give your reasonable point of view. And, most importantly, don’t ever try to exceed the word limit.
  • A 5 or 6-paragraph essay must consist of INTRODUCTION+ POINTS (3-4 paragraphs) + CONCLUSION.
  • Include a title or/and write your name.
  • The suggested time for the essay is 30 minutes.

Example Question:

You have been asked to write for your school magazine. Your article should inform the readers    about the usefulness of newspapers and the benefits people can get from reading the newspapers. You should also recommend that people make reading the newspapers a daily habit.

  • A good source of information – news/ sports/ general issues/ special issues
  • Improves command of the language
  • Broadens general knowledge

When writing the article, you should remember to:

  • Include the title
  • Add details of your own to make your article more interesting

HERE is some guidelines for the essay above:

Essay Guidelines


  • State some general problem statements, e.g. Malaysians were reported to read an average of two pages per year since 2005 which is rather disappointing. Knowing how significant it will have a tendency to affect the entire nation, it is high time we should discuss the benefits of reading newspapers as well as its usefulness.


1st POINT:

  • Reading newspapers is a good source of information in terms of news, sports, general issues and international issues.
  • One should prefer to get news from a more reliable source such as a newspaper.
  • It keeps us informed of all the latest world events on war, economy, political issues and celebrity gossips.
  • Be better equipped to form opinions on things currently happening around us.

2nd POINT:

  • It is a useful tool to enhance the command of our languages.
  • Served as a reliable source to expand English vocabulary.
  • One can improve English by reading passage aloud.
  • Newspaper articles prompt you to think critically – to form opinions- help students to gain more linguistic confidence which will be expressed in writing and conversation.

3rd POINT:

  • It can broaden our general knowledge.
  • It conveys information about politics, economy, business, trade and commerce.
  • We become updated with current events locally and internationally.
  • -enable one to take part in group discussions which make you feel that you belong to an enlightened society.


  • In conclusion, there are many benefits people can gain from reading newspapers.
  • It should be a necessity rather than an option.
  • Such a habit should be inculcated from young.

SPM English Paper 2 - Section 3

Section 3 is writing one of the questions from the given choices.

  • There is a word limitation of 200-250 words and students should write their essays in an appropriate style (based on their choices). The suggested time to complete the essay is around 40 minutes.
  • Recently, there will be four types of questions in which they will only come out with three different types of essay as the choices for students: ARTICLE, REVIEW, NARRATIVE ESSAY & REPORT.
  • Provide reasonable opinions and focus more on the quality of your writing!
  • Take note of the vocab and grammar you use in which most of the time, students will lose their marks.
  • Always remember!!! An essay includes INTRODUCTION + 3 POINTS + CONCLUSION. Don’t ever miss one of them!

HERE is some tips when writing essays:

Long Essay Guidelines


  • It is better to expose the current issue or crisis that can attract the reader. Elaborate more on how the current topic has a significant effect on people/ surrounding. Hence, it is high time we should highlight …
  • Sometimes, you may use idioms/ adages as your opening to make your essay more attractive! E.g. As an old adage goes, “Health is wealth” and this goes to show how vital that each and every of us should have a healthy body in which the topic we are discussing today should not be hidden from the public.
  • Directly tell the reader the problem and the discussion of this topic, e.g. how can it be solved? / here is some useful tips for handling such condition./ Hence, we shall now discuss some of the reasons why we ought to …
  • Don’t write too long!


  • At least, you should have prepared three main points! Try to sketch your ideas out before you start writing so that you may have a clear mindset of what you are writing instead of going halfway wrong.
  • Use the word connection for a better connection of your sentences: First and foremost, Next, Moreover, Furthermore, Moving on, Instead, In conclusion, Last but not least…
  • Try to be formal: It is said that…/ It is always being discussed that…/ Thus, the highlighted topic provides us…/ It is said without fear of…
  • Use some attractive vocabulary & idioms if you can!
  • Elaborate your main points using this formula:
  1. Main idea
  2. Why?
  3. Deep reason? Why again
  4. A little more about the discussion: using idioms/vocab to highlight it
  5. Conclusion for this idea
  • It is said that having sufficient rest and sleep do help us maintain good health and inculcate lifelong health habits. According to a survey conducted recently, students seem to face strenuous homework and dreadful exams if they do not have enough sleep and rest, thus, they could not cope with their studies easily. Lack of sleep may lead us to lots of exposed problems, for example impairing attention. As an old adage, “Rest well for accomplishing a longer journey”. Thus, we should have enough rest and sleep in order to give us more energy to welcome a brand new day of challenge.
  • The above sample might be a bit long, yet, it is perfect enough in transferring the message in a very complete way.


  • For the conclusion part, it is suggested that students should conclude once again all the points you have mentioned above. Then, adding your hope or maybe some roles of related authority like parents and school, what they can do to improve the condition.
  • You may add on idioms and phrases at last as your closing to attract the reader.
  • In conclusion, there are many benefits one can gain from reading newspapers and this is the reason why this habit should be inculcated from young. Thus, school should play their roles by working closely with parents to get involved in reading newspapers with their children at home for the sake of their future.

SPM English Essay Popular Topics

There are some target topics for SPM English Writing 2021:

* For example: topics related that everything goes online in this pandemic situation and what is your opinion? E.g. online class, online business and events…


Here are some of the most important tips you should take note of in your SPM English PAPER 2! I hope it is useful and would be beneficial to all of you!

Wish you good luck in your SPM examinations!

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