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Truth about Mastering Primary Science, IGCSE Combined Science and IB Science in Malaysia

Science may be hard, but that’s its beauty”.  In school, Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical, social, and natural worlds through observation and experimentation. It’s what empowered innovation, global competitiveness, and human advancement.

But there are some students who do not like Science subject. Dear parents, if you are here, I believe you must be looking for ways to help your kid learn Science.

Science is not a language where you can use it to communicate with someone.  Science can be theories, technical, but at the same time also about art and creativity. That’s why some kids find it hard to master Science subjects.

Ability to master and apply scientific knowledge is the most important skill if your children wish to pursue a career in medicine, engineering, scientist and many more.

Like it or not, you have to ensure your kids learn and master science.

That is why many parents are sending their children for Science tuition class near them or enroll in online Science tuition. Some parents who have the budget would find a Science home tuition to ensure their child to score well in Science.

A little girl is writing something alone
A little girl is writing something alone

Kids nowadays are too immersed in social media like Tiktok and Instagram. Although there are many fancy contents about learning science and scientific experiments, they are far from what is actually taught in school at all levels.

As social media has become the dominant form of entertainment in the 00′ era, students sometimes apply Science concepts that the Science tutors claim never seen before in their Science homework and assignments.

This brings us to another important topic that follows.

Score Better in Science Examination?

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How Science Tuition or Online Science Tuition Improves My Children's Understanding about science?

Primary Science, Lower Secondary Science, PT3 Sains, SPM Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), IGCSE Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), IGCSE Combined Science, IB Science and other science-related subjects had changed slightly across years.

In Malaysia National Curriculum, Science taught at all education levels is incorporated with the HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) initiative, making it more challenging for students. There are few major changes after PMR is abolished, such as using Bahasa Melayu in teaching Science subjects. Now, most science subjects are duo language.

In a huge classroom of 20 – 30 pupils, even with a good teacher, your kid barely learns something.

That is why you should look for a Science tuition class near you. Since MCO, online Science tuition lessons are getting popular.

There are ways parents can find a Science home tutor or online tutor easily. One of them is to get a Science tutor from GoLearn.

If your kid is sitting for Primary Science, Secondary Science, IGCSE Combined Science, IB Sciences, Physics, Chemistry or Biology exams, tips that follow might be helpful for your kid to score well in the subjects. Click tips below to navigate.

  1. Biology Tips
  2. Chemistry Tips
  3. Physics Tips

Biology Tips

Biology has the most facts, so students have no choice but to memorize them. Do not attempt reading too many different books. Stick to one or two reference books so that you can do revision on consistent content and be able to understand it better.

  • Find the interesting facts in each topic. Making the subject more lively is better than just memorizing everything.
  • Studies show that teaching someone is the best way to learn. So teach a friend one biology fact, then have your friend teach you something else. Learning is more enjoyable when it is interactive. You can have a lot of fun teaching them Microorganism and then having them tell me about the Human Respiratory System.
  • Scout through the past year papers and make a list of probable potential topics in bullet points. Combine your notes into a single booklet.
  • Instead of memorising, try to visualise facts. When you encounter an image of a biological process during an exam, you tend to recall if you have seen it before. If you’re not sure how Osmosis works, searching for it on YouTube will help you understand it better.
  • Finally, always do previous year’s questions or trial papers from other states.
  • If you still find it hard to catch up, joining a biology tuition class would be useful.
Flasks filled with gel balls
Flasks filled with gel balls

Chemistry Tips

Are you confident in memorising any formulae because you believe you already know them? Even if you are confident, you should not do this. When we are under pressure during exams, we have a tendency to blank out and even forget the most basic formulas.

Even if you’re familiar with these formulae, give yourself plenty of time to reread them. Writing the formula somewhere on a card is a simple method to memorise.

This are some effort I put into that help me to score my A+ in Chemistry papers:

  1. List down all the formulas in Chemistry subjects on a piece of paper.
  2. List down all the equations in another piece of paper.
  3. Use colored pencils or highlighters to represent the color of compounds. For example: Sulphur, S is yellow, Copper Dioxide, Cu2O is red, Manganese, Mn is pink.
  4. Concentrate on issues such as oxidation and reduction, as well as thermochemistry. These are difficult chapters.
  5. Map out all the hydrocarbons with their naming. Sometimes, the naming can be very confusing. For example: 2,3,3-trimethylpentane.
  6. Read all the popular chapters several times to make sure you really understand them.
  7. If you still find it is hard to learn the subject, do get a chemistry tuition class or online chemistry tuition lesson.
Colorful liquid
Colorful liquid

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Physics Tips

If Chemistry is a combination of memorization, comprehension, and application of knowledge, then Physics is pure application, imagination and understanding.

  • Make sure you don’t lose any marks for definition or formula. On a piece of paper, jot down all of the definitions and formulas. When writing formulas and connecting them with one another, you will see physics can be straight forward too.
  • Stick to one or two revision books and use them over and over again.
  • Make sure to score as much as possible in objective questions as they are usually easier.
  • Do a lot of subjective and essay questions. This is helpful for you to gain confidence when you take the real exam.
  • There’s plenty of calculation in Physics. Do make sure you practice using your calculator. Do not key too fast during exams to avoid unnecessary careless mistakes.

Learning Physics becomes effective when it is done through discussions. If feasible, find someone who is knowledgeable in Physics and can teach you. Light, electromagnetism, and circuit theory are chapters that students usually found difficult to grasp. Seek assistance from others and genuinely teach others will help you master Physics faster.

After you have done all above and still cannot master Physics, you can consider enrolling in a Physics tuition class or online physics tuition session.

A breadboard connected with wires and electronic components
A breadboard connected with wires and electronic components

Should I choose Science Home Tuition or send my children to a science tuition class nearby?

Before getting your children home tuition service, the first thing is to know your academic goal you set for your kids. Home tuition is the best choice if you wish your kid to improve Science or Combined Science learning faster.

When you hire a Science or Combined Science home tutor, do remember to let your tutor know your child’s latest Science or Combined Science result so he/she can make sure the lesson is designed to suit your child’s needs.

Science and Combined Science Home tuition or online private 1 to 1 tuition usually charge at higher fee. You can check the Science and Combined Science home tuition rate in Malaysia.

If you’re not rushing to do so, sending your kid to a science tuition class or tuition centre near you is a better choice. There, an experienced science tutor will take care of everything for you and all you need is to go and pick up your child on time.

Online Science tuition is another choice if you wish to see your kid to attend Science tuition lessons virtually from your home. It saves you more time.

Make sure you have these 5 important equipment ready before attending a Science online tuition class.

A girl holding books
A girl holding books

Are you or your children ready for Science Tuition or Online Science Tuition?

To be good at Science subjects requires a lot of practice, and it definitely is not something achievable in a single day. The more time your children waste, the more new science theories and concepts that your children will have to catch up.

Start early by sending your kid to Science tuition class nearby or join an online Science tuition class.

Performing well in science class can not only help you build a good grade in IGCSE Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Combined Science), IB Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), or SPM Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), but also open doors to several job opportunities and fields of interest.

As a reliable education partner, we will be your trusted choice when it comes to Science tuition. We are professional agency that find best Science home tuition and online tuition in Malaysia for you for FREE.

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