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Learning IGCSE Economics in Malaysia

Dear student or parents, if you are here, I believe you must be looking for ways to help you or your kid to master IGCSE Economics.

Many students claim that it was difficult to prepare for the IGCSE Economics paper. This is true because most teachers are rushing to finish the syllabus and they do not devote enough time to ensure every student fully understands a topic before moving on to other topics. Some students are stuck in certain chapters simply because they need more time and practise. This causes the problem to get worse when more new theories are accumulated.

Some of the students even decided to drop the course before registering for the exam.

Like it or not, you have to ensure your kids learn and master IGCSE Economics.

That is why many parents are getting IGCSE Economics home tuition or Economics online private tuition to ensure their child scores well in the subject.

A woman is reading a book
A woman is reading a book

Social media like Tiktok and Instagram have become the mainstream entertainment for kids. However, there is little or no content about the IGCSE Economics subject taught in school. Students sometimes use knowledge and apply concepts that the IGCSE Economics tutors claim never seen before in their homework and assignments.

This brings us to another important topic that follows.

Score A* in IGCSE Economics Papers?

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How IGCSE Economics Tuition or Online IGCSE Economics Tuition Improves My Children's Understanding about Economics?

Before we move to the tuition, let’s look at two documents provided by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) for IGCSE Economics:

  1. IGCSE Economics Learner’s Guide
  2. IGCSE Economics Syllabus

The first documents give you a clear clarification of what is expected of you for IGCSE Economics papers. The reality is most students don’t even use the learner’s guide for their learning purposes.

The second document lists down the contents of each chapter. If you take a look at a topic to be asked in the IGCSE Economics exam, surprisingly, you will find a certain sub-topic that you can skip.

To make the things worst, most teachers fail to refer to the syllabus and simply ask their students to focus on everything in the textbook, which cause students to stressed out

I believe if you are here, you must be looking for tips and trick to score well in IGCSE Economics. Here are few tips that shared by a previous student who scored A* in this paper.  

A students is drawing infographics note
A students is drawing infographics note

IGCSE Economics Tips and Tricks

First and foremost, the most important rule is to constantly pay attention in class. Pay attention to the teacher’s explanations and demonstrations of the economic circumstances. In this subject, examples are extremely important. Teachers usually have the experience, so pay attention to them to learn how an economy functions, such as during a recession or a boom.

Second, while you are listening to the class, remember to write down what you believe is important. You may also add some drawings and infographics to help you visualize a new concept. Your personal notes are easier for you to understand, so you’ll get a better understanding about each topic.

After you’ve mastered the fundamentals and basic principles, you will be surprised to learn that economics is all about logic and common sense. So when it comes to answering the IGCSE Economics exam, employ your common sense a little bit, for example, consider what you would do as a business owner.

Start looking for materials and solutions on the internet as well. Youtube is the No.1 tool where you can find tonnes of video tutorials about useful exam tips, sample responses and subject-related advice.

A man is Answering Multiple Choice Question
A man is Answering Multiple Choice Question

Here’s an example of a 5 paragraph essay: An introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The PEEL rule is used in the three paragraphs. PEEL stands for:

P = Point: start your paragraph with a clear topic sentence that establishes what your paragraph is going to be about.

E = Evidence/Example: here you should use a piece of evidence or an example that helps to reaffirm your initial point and develop the argument.

E = Explain: next you need to explain exactly how your evidence/example supports your point, giving further information to ensure that your reader understands its relevance.

L = Link: to finish the paragraph off, you need to link the point you’ve just made back to your essay question, topic, or thesis.

First, you point out your idea clearly by making a list of keywords and a sentence. After that, you go over the explanation. You can include some diagrams or charts here, but you must explain them. Most of the time, examiners enjoy in-depth analysis. When you use graphs, remember to put a caption. This is crucial since marks will not be granted if you do not label.

Evidence is important and it is done by giving strong examples in the Economics exam. Be aware of what is happening around you because your general knowledge will impress the examiner. Read the newspaper and get yourself updated with economics information. Use real-life scenarios. We are lucky to have most of the information digitized.

When it comes to the evaluation, consider what would happen to the economy if there was a boom, or what would happen to the exchange rate if the domestic economy was in a depression. Over here, add a bunch of your common sense.

Finally, add a link. Always make a connection between your opinion and the question. Remember, the applications are important. This holds true for all the structured questions.

A economics paper on world commodities trading
A economics paper on world commodities trading

Finally, we come to a conclusion. Try to discuss the consequences or benefits from different angles. For example, from the perspective of firm owners, employees, or shareholders. You need to summarize the advantages and disadvantages and compare them to determine which one may outweigh the other. Then you decide which solution is the best option.

All sentences should now be simple, clear, understandable and straight to the point. Always begin with a definition and then explain it.

Last but not least, always do the past year questions. Some time, you will receive a similar issue, but the question can be asked in a variety of ways. Familiarize yourself with them to help you answer faster.

While you are doing a revision, time yourself so you don’t exceed the time allocated for each question. Before submitting the paper, double check if you still have time left.

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Should I choose IGCSE Economics Home Tuition or Private Online Tuition?

With all of these suggestions, you’ll be one step closer to getting an A.

If you wish to accelerate your learning process, you can hire a private tutor who can guide you or your children on IGCSE Economics.

Before enrolling in any private tutoring services, the first thing is to clearly understand your learning goal. Face-to-face home tuition is the best choice if you wish your kid to improve IGCSE Economics faster. Online tuition is a safer choice as the class is conducted without any physical contact.

When you hire an IGCSE Economics tutor, do remember to let your tutor know your child’s current result so he/she can make sure the lesson is designed to suit your child’s needs. You can let an experienced tutor handle everything for you and all you need to do is to ensure your kid is present at the class.

The tuition fees for IGCSE Economics home tuition or private online tuition varies based on the tutor’s experience and your personal requirements. You can check the average IGCSE tuition fee in Malaysia here.

If you wish to take IGCSE Economics online, make sure you have these five essential pieces of equipment before you start

A word 'Crisis' from typewriter
A word 'Crisis' from typewriter

IGCSE Economics Tuition, Start now or Later?

To score a good grade for IGCSE Economics subject requires students to memorize concepts, practice frequently and do a lot of revision. No one can excel in the subject within a few days. Do not waste time if you face any difficulty in understanding the subject.

Start now by finding your kid a IGCSE Economics private tuition or join an online IGCSE Economics tuition lesson.

IGCSE Economics home tutoring or online tuition is crucial to help your child to better understand and master the subject. It is extremely important as you progress into a higher education level.

If you decide to get an IGCSE Economic tutor, do use GoLearn. We are a professional agency that finds the best IGCSE Economics home tuition and online tuition in Malaysia for you for FREE.

A girl holding books
A girl holding books

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