SPM Mathematics 1 to 1 Online Tuition

This course is an online class which will provide a quick revision for you to get ready to SPM Maths Exam. In this subject, you will learn the standard form of numbers, quadratic expressions and equations, sets, mathematical reasoning, straight line, statistics, probability, circles, trigonometry, angles of elevation and depression and lines and planes in 3D.

Last updated 01/10/2022 English Chinese

What Student Will Learn

Able to understand and solve maths question easily

Learn some new and effective ways to solve question

Get to learn some proving of maths

Will be able to complete beginner level calculations

Course Content


My Approach

Teaching Experience

Time Slot

Wednesday 07:00PM-09:00PM



2hour class will be conducted once a week. Time preferred at weekdays night between 6-10pm. Fees: RM40/h Monthly: RM320

Teaching Mode

1-to-1 Online Tutoring, Online Class


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This course includes:

30 minutes trial class

Available on Google Meet, Zoom

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