Learn MySQL in a 21days! *short course*

In this course, you can learn the fundamental basics of data management with SQL and MySQL. Learn everything that you will need to make queries with the most popular data manipulating programming language - SQL. This course is about SQL commands in the main. You will learn the basics of queries.

Last updated 09/06/2022 English

What Student Will Learn

Section 1 - Setting up The Environment

Section 2 - Database Theory

Section 3 - Creating and Manipulating Tables

Section 4 - Basic SQL

Section 5 - Multiple Tables

Section 6 - Database Normalization

Section 7 - Subqueries:

Section 8 - Transactions

Section 9 - Views

Section 10 - Indexes and Constraints

Section 11 - Data Structures Behind Databases

Section 12 - Stored Procedures

Course Content


My Approach

Teaching Experience

Time Slot

Sunday 03:00PM-05:00PM



The classes will be held in groups. The entire course will be just for 30rm/pax.

Teaching Mode

Online Class


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