Come explore the world of characters, literary devices, poets, themes, symbols- all of which make for an exciting journey into Literature. Let's delve deeper into worlds other than the one we know and how faceted characters can become. Intrigue, suspense, comedy of errors come together to surprise and enthral learners of English Literature

Last updated 16/11/2022 English

What Student Will Learn

Learn how to analyse characters, plots, themes, symbols

Different characters and sub-characters

Learn poetry and their deeper meanings stanza for stanza

Learn how to craft your work of literature

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My Approach

Teaching Experience

Time Slot

Saturday 04:00PM-06:00PM



Starts from rm 60/hr per hour for Year 7. Year 8 is rm 65/hr and rm 70/hr for Y9

Teaching Mode

1-to-1 Online Tutoring, Online Class


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