Studying In Groups Vs. Studying Alone: Which Is Better?

A lot of students are actually unclear if it is more efficient to study with a group of their friends or on their own. Sometimes students do prefer the freedom and control that comes with studying alone. Other students need a study group to help motivate them. 

In this article, we will tell you more about the benefits of group study versus self-study, and when should you choose which method to use.


Benefits of Studying Alone

studying alone

People imagine themselves studying alone in their bedroom or a quiet library, with a book and notes sprawled out on the desk. It is not the most fun thing to do, but it is required for you to study. Here are some advantages to studying alone.

Little to No Distractions 

There are fewer distractions when you study alone in your room than when you study in a group or in a public place. Nobody is moving around or talking near you. There are literally no distractions. 

Personalised Study Environment

Because everyone is unique, everyone learns differently. While studying, you may need classical music, a warm, cosy environment, and a cup of coffee. Someone else might need complete silence, a cool room, and no snacks at all. When you study alone, you may create the ideal study atmosphere to get the most out of your studies.

Furthermore, studying alone also allows you to employ the most effective study strategies for your learning style. Some students learn best through flashcards, while others learn best through chapter rereading. Everyone learns differently!

Study What You Need to Learn

There may be particular subjects in class on which you really need focus all of your efforts on it. When you study alone, you can really concentrate on just what you need to learn, and not wasting time on unnecessary chatting with your so-called study group.

Benefits of Studying in a Group

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Able to Test Your Comprehension Level

The ultimate test in knowing whether you understand a concept or not is by explaining it to someone else. This method is similar to a study method called The Feynman Technique, which require you to explain the concept in a plain and simple terms, in order to improve your comprehension. If another person does not understand what you explained, it means that you have to study more. Studying in a group allows you to practice this method.  

Answer Your Questions

Undeniably, it is frustrating when you are not able to understand what you are trying to study. Studying in a group will help you answer the questions that you have in your mind. Ask your peers to help  explain it back to you so that they can help you to have a better understanding 

Source of Motivation

Study groups might be a terrific choice if you are the kind that works best with others. Many people actually depend their ‘studying energy’ from being around with other people. They look forward to learn and discuss learning materials with their peers, and their peers act as their source of motivation. Being in a study group will also enable you to not skip studying, as there your peers and friends will be asking your whereabouts.

Best Time to Study Alone

When the Group Getting Too Talkative

If your study group is talking about unnecessary things, then we suggest that it is best for you to study alone

Keeps Rescheduling

Coordinating the timing to have a study group for a group of people can be incredibly difficult. If the study session keeps getting rescheduled or cancelled, it is better for you to just start studying by yourself. This will keep you from getting frustrated as your peers keep on rescheduling.

Different Level of Understanding

It is best to study alone when there is a huge gap between you and your peers’ level of understanding. Either you or your peers would not be able to keep up with the pace.

Best Time to Study in a Group

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When You Are an Auditory Learner

If you need to hear and say things in order to learn concept, studying in a group may benefit you. Studying in a group is the best for auditory learners as its environment promote discussion among students. 

Motivated Peers

If you think your peers are very eager to study, they can actually motivate others to effectively study together. If your peers keep the unnecessary chat to the minimum, then you can already guess that they are serious about their study!

You Are Motivated by Others

It is no denying that sometimes we need someone to push us around in order to get us to study. If you are this type of person, then do study in a group! Study groups can help you getting motivated and will help keeping you on the right track.


All in all, the answer to “Studying in Groups Vs. Studying Alone: Which Is Better?” is indefinite. Some may prefer studying in a group, some do not. Based on our tips, do identify which type of person are you, and keep thriving for success!

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