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12 Tips to Score in UPSR 2021

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UPSR is one of the most important exams for every child! This post will share with you on how to score in UPSR for students who sit for the exam this year. We will be covering English Essay, Bahasa Melayu Pemahaman and Bahasa Cina Pemahaman

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Score in UPSR - English Essay Writing Tips

[TIP 1] Part A – For students who do not know how to answer the question, they can try to get some words from the short paragraph and write a complete sentence using it. There will be marks allocated for this. 

[TIP 2]  Part B – Most of the questions are related to letter and email. Many of the answers can be obtained from reference books or existing exercises. Doing this is helpful to get a pass. In the first question (3 marks), the answer is usually in the paragraph. Students must try it because it is a bonus question!

[TIP 3]  Part C – 2 Pick 1 question. Adding similes or idioms will greatly help you to score higher marks.

Score in UPSR - Bahasa Melayu Pemahaman Tips

[TIP 4]  Bahagian A consists of 20 multiple choice questions. If you wish to score A, you need to get a minimum of 15 out of 20 answers correct. You can achieve it by doing more exercises. You can purchase a lot of them online

[TIP 5] Q.21 is ‘fill in the blank’ question. Students should know how to use Kata Sendi and Kata Hubung Imbuhan. Do relevant exercises to improve tyour understanding on this topic. 

[TIP 6] Q.22 is to write the question based on the answer or vice versa. To score, do more exercise!

[TIP 7] Q.23 is a question for Simpulan Bahasa. Students need to study and understand all the Simpulan Bahasa taught in Standard 4, 5 and 6. This question is more challenging, students can gather all the Simpulan Bahasa in a notebook and do revision.

[TIP 8] There will be three short paragraphs. The first question is the easiest and students are required to draw a line to connect the correct answer. All the answers are in the first paragraph, so it is important to get all correct answers.

[TIP 9]  The second paragraph is a little bit tricky as it asks the opinion of the students. If students do not know how to answer a question, they can always write Saya setuju or Saya tidak setuju. This will earn some marks.

[TIP 10] The last paragraph is usually a literature question, like pantun, syair, or sajak. For example:

Kain songket kain sutera,
      Dipakai orang pada hari keraian;
Amalan Baik dipandang mulia,
      Boros dan kedekut jangan amalkan;

To answer the meaning of the 3rd and 4th sentences of this paragraph, students can replace the words  using a synonym. 
For example:  Sikap yang baik sentiasa disenangi. Kita haruslah jauhi perangai yang membazir dan lokek. 

Score in UPSR - Bahasa Cina Pemahaman (华语理解) Tips

[TIP 11] Part 2 (乙组)usually ask about the “character” of a person in a story and give an example. Students should put more effort on describing the “character”. A correct description will earn you more marks. If the description is wrong, but the example is correct, you still can earn some marks.

Students are encouraged to answer in their own words. If the answer is copied from the paragraph, you will not get a full mark. More marks will be given if students use synonym (同义字 ) in their answer.

[TIP 12]  The first question in Part 2 (乙组)can be obtain directly from paragraph. It is a bonus and make sure students get it correct. 

Latest KSSR Grading Scheme. Must Know!

New KSSR grading system is from A to E. Make sure you are aware of the new system to ensure you are able to plan your studies to score in UPSR 2021.

UPSR Grade 2020

Score in UPSR is Important!

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Final Thought

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