2021 UPSR, PT3 and SPM Online Class, Online Tuition Fee


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GoLearn 2021 UPSR, PT3 and SPM Online Class is now open for Registration now! 📲

GoLearn online class launched in middle of 2020 and now we’ve conducted more than 5000++ hours of online lessons. We are a team of experienced tutors who know exactly how to get your kid enjoy learning through online. We use Zoom and Google Meet as our online tutoring platform. 

About our lesson 🧑‍🏫👩‍🏫

All classes is 1.5 hours in length, 4 lessons in a month. Maximum 15 students in a class. Tutoring fee are billed monthly. All lesson follows the standard syllabus by Ministry Of Education. Activities include normal lesson, homework discussion and online games/competition. We guarantee you child having enjoyable session in class!

Tutoring Fee and Promotion! 🎉🎉

SJK(C) UPSR- RM 8/class

-> 1 subjects = RM32 (4 classes in a month)
-> All 5 subjects = RM140 (Original fee: RM160, Discount RM20) – RM7/class ONLY

PT3 - RM 10/class

-> 1 subjects = RM40 (4 classes in a month)
-> All 5 subjects = RM210 (Original fee: RM240, Discount RM30) – RM8.75/class ONLY

SPM - RM 12/class

-> 1 subjects = RM48 (4 classes in a month)
-> Core package (BM, BI, Sej, Math) = RM169 (Original fee: RM192, Discount RM23) – RM10.5/class ONLY
-> Science and Account package Add Math, Che, Phy, Bio, Acc) – Pick 4 subjects = RM169 (Original fee: RM192, Discount RM23) – RM10.5/class ONLY
-> Full Package (8 Subjects) – Pick 8 subjects = RM338 (Original fee: RM384, Discount RM46) – RM10.5/class ONLY

Wanna Know More?

Send your inquiry to GoLearn Official Facebook page or contact us directly. 

Time table for SJK (C) Online Class

Primary School Online Tuition Malaysia Time Table

Time table for PT3 Online Class

PT3 Online Class Malaysia

Time table for SPM Online Class

SPM Online Class Malaysia

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