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Truth about Mastering Sejarah or History in Malaysia​

Dear parents, if you are here, I believe you must be looking for ways to help your kid learn Sejarah or History.

Either you are looking for SPM Sejarah, PT3 Sejarah, Primary (Previously known as UPSR) Sejarah, IGCSE History or IB History, the subject is one of the subjects that must be passed in public examination.

Try asking your kids if they hate History and see what they respond to you.

“It’s not that we hate History. We just find it boring to death. The syllabus has changed. Some students just don’t care for History. It’s not like every single student in your school wants to be a lawyer or Historian.”

A while ago, they incorporated this HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) initiative into the curriculum. Instead of preparing for questions such as “What happened during the Opening of Mecca?” “How many wars there have been in Europe?”, we have to prepare ourselves for questions like “If you were an Emperor, what’d you do?” which takes away the joy of studying it

In Malaysia National Curriculum, Sejarah or History is a must pass subject at Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) level. Putting aside those parents who are historians and History teachers, those students who dislike Sejarah are putting extra efforts just to pass the subjects. Failing in History would bring a huge impact to your children’s grade.

Like it or not, you have to ensure your kids learn and master the Sejarah or History subject.

That is why many parents are sending their children for Sejarah or History tuition near them, enroll in online Sejarah tuition and find a History private home tutor to teach their kids.

Ancient Greek hero statue

Kids nowadays are too immersed in social media like Tiktok and Instagram. Little or none of the channels would focus on History content that was taught in school. Students sometimes lay out misled historical facts that the Sejarah or History tutors claim never seen before in their Sejarah homework and assignments.

This brings us to another important topic that follows.

Score Better in History or Sejarah Examination?

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How History or Sejarah Tuition or Online History Tuition class Improves My Children's Sejarah Score?

History is more than just a subject, it tells us our story, our world, our societies and our literary culture.

In Malaysia National Curriculum, the History or Sejarah syllabus has evolved several times. But the teaching method never changed much for years: History teacher walks students through chapter by chapter.

Your kid is either bored to death or their mind is lost somewhere. In a huge classroom at school, your kid barely learns something.

That is why you should look for Sejarah or History tuition class near you. Since the pandemic, online Sejarah or History tuition lesson is becoming a trend.

With different ways, you can find a Sejarah or History tutor easily. One of the ways is to get a History tutor from GoLearn.

If you are looking for a SPM Sejarah tutor, the tips that follow might be helpful for your kid to score well in SPM Sejarah.

Why Kids Hate SPM Sejarah or IGCSE History Subject ?

There are many easy, concise and solid techniques to learn SPM Sejarah, IGCSE History or Humanities subjects. Many students fail the History subject because they fail to understand or do not know how to study History effectively. Indeed, there are many ways to learn the History subject, even at the last minute. Students can practice these techniques to get a better grade for this subject. In this section we will try to walk you through some useful SPM History and IGCSE History learning tips.

Before we talk more about History subject learning techniques, the following are among the four factors that cause students to fail to appreciate historical facts compared to movie, novel or Instagram stories.

1. Many attractive stories revolve around the latest storylines and involve our own personalities and our daily lives. History, on the other hand, is a repetition or highlight of old stories/facts and the storyline is relatively bald compared to the novel. This causes us to quickly get bored when reading history books.
2. The character depicted in a novel or movie is easy to understand because it is in line with our daily life. The use of bombastic language and touching commentary is often used by authors to liven up the storyline. History, on the other hand, consists of old characters that are not in the picture of our minds.
3. Younger generation is looking for something trendy with a cool ending, but not something from a history book.
4. History uses language that causes students to lose interest in continuing reading it because they are bored

How to Remembering SPM, IGCSE, IB History Facts

The problem of students is that they quickly get bored of reading, understanding and remembering historical facts. This is often the root cause of them failing or getting poor grades in the History subject examination for SPM, IGCSE or IB. For SPM, the government has made a stipulation that SPM History subjects are COMPULSORY to PASS to make a PTPTN loan (student study loan) if you are studying to a higher level after SPM.

This makes the subject of History one of the most important subjects.

In order to make it easier for students to remember historical facts, students can and should get used to creating several acronyms to make it easier for us to remember historical facts.

Take SPM History as example, if you are good at making notes on the SPM History acronym as below, you will almost certainly be able to remember the facts of History easily.

Here are some examples:

Question: What are the Characteristics of Hwang Ho Civilization?
Features of Hwang Ho City (Acronym P A T I) for students to remember.
PPertanian / Pentadbiran or Agriculture / Administration
A – Anyang (Bandar)
TTembok or Wall (Bandar dikelilingi tembok)
IIstana or Palace

Question: What is the contribution of Hwang Ho (S Y A R A T)
SSyurga or heaven (konsep anak syurga)
Y – Ying dan Yang (konsep Yin Yang)
AAlam semesta or the universe
RRoh nenek moyang or Ancestor spirits (menyembah roh nenek moyang)
A – Arts of War
TTerusan or canal

Question: What are the benefits of Malaysia joining the Commonwealth

Students can remember the acronym S A B A R
Sukan – Menjadi tuan rumah Sukan Komanwel (Host the Commonwealth Games)

Askar- Mendapat bantuan askar daripada Negara-negara komanwel yang lain semasa menghadapi ancaman PKM dan Konfrontasi dengan Indonesia (Receive military assistance from other commonwealth countries while facing the threat of the CPM and the Confrontation with Indonesia)

Biasiswa – Menerima bantuan Biasiswa melalui Rancangan Colombo (Receive Scholarship assistance through the Colombo Plan)

Aparthied – Mengutuk dasar Aparthied yang diamalkan oleh Afrika Selatan (Condemned the Aparthied policy practiced by South Africa)
Rumah – Menjadi tuan Rumah CHOGM (hosts CHOGM)

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General Tips when studying History or Sejarah subject

Although History is the most boring subject. However, there are also some students who manage to score A in this subject. Here we can formulate some ways to score A for this subject.

1. Appreciate the beauty of History
Albert Einstein always talked about the importance of ‘knowledge’. If we appreciate the knowledge, it will become ingrained in our lives and minds. The ability to appreciate history will make it easier for us to remember historical facts.

2. Cultivate Interest
Have you ever admired an artist such as a famous singer or actor? If you do, you will never tire of seeking as much as possible facts or information about your favorite celebrities. According to psychologists our interest in something will push us to remember a thing easily and it is harder to forget the thing. Try to find an interesting character and pile up questions and facts about that character.

In short, students must have a Strategy:

  • Learn to memory effectively
  • Make notes
  • Do exercise (preferably exam questions)
  • Revision, revision, revision,….
Century old books with hardcover
Century old books with hardcover

Should I get a History or Sejarah Home Tuition or send them to History Tuition class nearby?

When it comes to History or Humanities home tuition, the first thing is to understand your learning objective.

Home tuition is usually a choice if you wish your kid to have 100% attention from the tutor and hence able to improve History or Sejarah faster.

When you hire a History or Sejarah home tutor, do remember to let your tutor know your children’s current History exams result so he/she can design the lesson specifically for them.

However, this will come with higher cost. You can check the History or Sejarah home tuition rate in Malaysia.

If there is no urgency to do so, sending your kid to History tuition near you is a good option. There, a professional Sejarah tutor will take care of everything for you and all you need is to go and pick up your child on time.

Online History tuition is another choice if you want your kid to attend History or Humanities study tuition virtually from your home. It saves you more time.

Make sure you have these 5 important equipment ready before attending a History or Sejarah online tuition class.

Online classes

Are you ready for History Tuition or Online History Tuition?

To score well in History or Sejarah examinations is not a single day’s work. As time passes, more historical facts that your children will have to learn and memorize.

Start early by sending your kid to History or Humanities study tuition lesson nearby or join an online History or Sejarah tuition class.

History subject, although is not used in the corporate world, but understanding History help your children learn our story, our world, our societies and our literary culture. Having a deep understanding about History certainly gives your child huge advantages in the future.

As a reliable education partner, we will be your trusted choice when it comes to History or Sejarah tuition. We are professional agency that find best History home tuition in Malaysia for you for FREE.

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