Preschool / Kindergarten BM / suku kata

Suitable for beginner and pupils who weak in reading suku kata. Focus on learning abc before moving on to other topics. Will explain clearly the meaning of words to pupils.

Last updated 10/10/2022 English Malay Chinese

What Student Will Learn

Learn through play

Fun learning environment

Teaching according pupil's level

Suku kata, reading words and short sentences

Course Content


My Approach

Teaching Experience

Time Slot

Monday 04:00PM-05:30AM, Tuesday 04:00AM-05:30AM, Thursday 04:00AM-05:30AM, Friday 02:30AM-04:00AM, Friday 04:30AM-06:00AM, Saturday 02:00AM-03:30AM



no extra charge, fee included all the material learning

Teaching Mode

Online Class


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This course includes:

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