Fast revision on SPM Biology (Form 4 Chapter 3)

A very compact and intensive class for the students who want to sit on the school monthly exam or SPM 2022 exam. = The revision notes and past year questions are provided. = You can learn and revise everything in the chapter within 1 to 1.5 hours. = Best for the students who want to do revision for the coming monthly exam or SPM actual exam.

Last updated 01/06/2022 English Malay

What Student Will Learn

Understand the theories and able to correlate them into our daily life

Learn to pick most suitable answer in multiple choices questions (MCQ)

Able to memorize the biological terms without much efforts

Learn to write precise answer in structure and essay questions

Learn the trend in answering the questions based on past year papers

Course Content


My Approach

Teaching Experience

Time Slot

Saturday 10:00AM-11:30AM



One-time class with one-time payment only. The class will be on with the participation of 3 students or above.

Teaching Mode

Online Class


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This course includes:

Learning materials included

Available on Google Meet, Zoom

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